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Experience Energy, Relaxation and focus the Natural Way
Are you...

...trying to cut caffeine out of your life but can't afford to lose that energy boost?
...looking for a way to fully relax after a long day?
...looking for a natural way to feel youthful and increase focus?
...suffering from to much anxiety?
 ...experiencing sexual problems such as stamina and decreased libido?

Why go "Herbal"?

Herbal remedies have been used for ages to provide all natural alternatives to some of life's everyday problems. The reason that herbal remedies have been used in virtually every part of the world throughout history is because they simply work. 

Why Vaporization?

          There are many reasons to use vaporization to consume your herbs. Vaporizers allows the useful oils to be extracted from the herb in the form of a water vapor without burning the herb and inhaling harmful toxins. This allows for the oils to be absorbed through the body's sensitive tissues without the harm associated with smoke inhalation. 
          Through vaporization we can effectively experience the useful health benefits associated with the herbs that we use in our blends in a safer more effective way. Research has been conducted to show that vapor inhalation is far less hazardous to the body than smoke inhalation. 

Commonly Used Herbs and their Benefits 

Herbs for Energy

Ginseng- The Ginseng root has been used for centuries to fight fatigue and can purchased from most health and nutrition stores. Ginseng is very commonly used in popular energy drinks. To learn more about Ginseng  I have provided the following link which leads to Ginseng's Wikipedia page.

What We Have To Offer You.....

VapoLife Herbal Blends are a unique blend of herbs specifically designed for vaporization. Each blend has been tested to provide maximum pleasure for the user. We have found that all natural herbs can help to provide the perfect balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

What Blend of VapoLife is right for me?

While we think that everyone will benefit from all of our blends we currently offer three distinct blends to our customers. These blends are Energy, Relaxation and Focus

Focus Blend

Our Focus Blend offers an herbal mixture created to increase both energy and mental clarity. While our Energy Blend is meant more for raw power this blend mixes concentration and focus with increased levels of awareness and drive. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a cigarette when you need to finish that last bit of work enjoy the smooth aroma's of our Focus Blend. 

Our Special Blends

Energy Blend

Our Energy Blend consists of our special mix of herbs that have uplifting benefits. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning start your day off right with all natural energy. Many of the herbs that we use in our Energy Blend are commonly found in many consumer beverages such as energy drinks. However the health benefits of the herbs within these products can be seriously reduced due to the beverages other unnatural ingredients.

Relaxation Blend

Our Relaxation Blend consists of our special mix of Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Grapefruit and Lemongrass. These herbs have been used to calm the senses and relax the mind. The vapors from the herbs in this blend will provide the users with a relaxing feeling that can aid in sleeping problems. Many user of our Relaxation Blend find it to be a perfect alternative for many over the counter sleeping medicines. 


The Energy Blend is perfect to use with the Volcano Vaporizer. I just set it for the morning and i have an instant jolt of energy. It helped me quit drinking coffee all day.
- Corey Jones
22 Male FL, USA

I enjoy all of your blends but the relaxation blend helps to put me to fall asleep at night and stay asleep. I used to use OTC sleep medications but I find this to be a healthier, better alternative.
- Steve Trancito
26 Male CA, USA

Great quality, great prices, and fast shipping. I'm a customer for life. Thanks
- Sara Sanders
33 Female, MA, USA

    What type of blend would you most like to see added to our lineup?

Please Consult your Healthcare Provider before using any of our Herbal Blends. While we believe that to be completely safe, everybody reacts differently and some herbs can interact negatively with certain medicines. Always Use Responsibly.

FDA WARNING! None of our herbs are intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise. VapoLife provides information only about traditional uses of these herbs. If these products are ingested or consumed as a tea, they are herbal food products and/or dietary substances. If you choose to smoke these herbs, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation, even natural herbs, may be harmful. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these herbs have been taken from information available to the public on the Internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. All testimonials were voluntarily submitted by customers exercising their freedom of speech. All comments by customers are about their own personal experiences and may not be typical. Such descriptions are taken from repeat customers only, who have expressed their own voluntary opinions, which we value significantly. VapoLife does not make any claims that what customers say is true, only that we are reporting what they tell us about their own experiences. Their results may not be typical. None of these herbs is intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise. VapoLoife Claims Notice: VapoLife  makes no claims with regard to the products offered here. Remember, we are the original VapoLife .  our products are not illegal street drugs nor are they intended to be alternatives to illegal street drugs. They are not intended to "mimic" any of the above and are enjoyed for their OWN amazing properties and still remain 100% legal. Due to FDA law we make no claims in regards to the physiological or psychological effects of these products on the human body. They are not sold as marijuana alternatives, legal highs, legal marijuana, legal marijuana alternative or herbal highs, and are not labeled as such for that reason. Notice: the products on this site do not contain Hemp (Marijuana). They are 100% legal buds. None of these products are promoted to mitigate, treat, prevent or cure any disease, medical or psychological condition. None of our products will alter the structure or function of the human body. We do not carry ANY products that contain Ephedra. None of the statements made on this site about smoking products or dietary supplements have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration or similar agency in other countries. While our products only contain natural ingredients, do not contain tobacco or nicotine, herbal smokes and herbal cigarettes may be hazardous to your health. They produce tar and carbon monoxide when smoked. By purchasing from us you have agreed to, and have read our herbal smoke shop legal disclaimer. NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN TOBACCO. None of our products contain tobacco or are sold as marijuana alternatives, a legal marijuana alternative, a legal alternative to marijuana, marijuana substitutes, legal marijuana, legal highs, herbal highs, herbal ecstacy, herbal ecstasy or herbal xtc. All of our herbal smokes and legal buds are acceptable alternatives to tobacco and are sold as tobacco alternatives. When these herbs are smoked or burned, they will produce a strong and potent, extremely aromatic smoke. Our herbal products include some of the strongest, most aromatic and effectively pleasurable smoking materials found anywhere in the world. *Where noted, certain herbs may require caution while operating heavy machinery, or driving when ingested or smoked.

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